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Black Humour – The paradigm has shifted

March 30, 2014

Interesting article in todays Indie which includes my views on importance of Youtube/digital in the world of comedy. Its clear the paradigm has shifted, and that the web will be where ideas are proven and reputations made. We shouldn’t bemoan the decay of a system that has rationed opportunities, we should celebrate it.

Some more context to the article may be useful:

  • Comedy is the smallest genre in terms of budgets, although there’s been significant recent investment from Sky and ITV are returning to sitcom. Overall though fewer opportunities in comedy than elsewhere.
  • Comedy has the highest failure rate of any genre, as humour is most subjective.
  • Some areas of comedy – sketch and impression – seem to have disappeared.
  • This isn’t just a BBC issue.  At least in recent years they have commissioned Jason Lewis pilot, have three series of Citizen Khan on BBC1 and are working on Rudy’s Rare Records pilot. Sky has brought back the Kumars, and we had Youngers on E4..
  • THE BBC has grown some if its biggest comedies via radio – inc. Miranda, Little Britain, Bellamy’s People, Goodness Gracious Me. Citizen Khan launched online, then radio then tv. So it makes sense to use online to grow tv comedies.
  • I’ve seen many creatives claim that accommodating others forced them to dilute or compromise their vision, and this is especially true of stories that sit outside of the mainstream. So starting online gives creators get a chance to produce their vision of their work, and demonstrate it can attract an audience.
  • The current debate on diversity is failing to factor in the digital realities and how they may contribute to transforming the situation.
  • To see the wealth of web based series out there emanating from the UK check, which has done a great job consolidating various series into one place.
  • Want to check new business models try “The Samaritans’ at




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